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Department of Chemistry - Personnel

Acting Chair: Daniel F. Thomas 
Phone: ext. 53061/58127
Department Phone Number: 519-824-4120
Department FAX Number: 519-766-1499

Research and Teaching Personnel

List of people with contact information
Name Ext. Office Lab
Ahmed, Syed Rahin (AC) 52967 MACN 135
Alcorn, Christopher (PT) email Christopher Alcorn 53811 MACN 309
Almeida, Mikaela (WT) email Mikaela Almeida no phone MACN 237,238
Arcis, Hugues (PT) email Hugues Arcis 53811 SSC 2508 MACN 309
Bolton, Kim (PR) email Kim Bolton 52695 SSC 2446
Brown, Elizabeth (JP) email Elizabeth Brown no phone SSC 2102
Bundele, Saili (PR) email Saili Bundele 54861 SSC 3113A
Chan, Jean (KS) email Jean Chan 54861 SSC 3113 A
Chung, Andrew (DS) email Andrew Chung no phone SSC 3113 B
Chung, Elise (MS) email Elise Chung 53753 MACN 240,342
Cox, Jenny (PT) email Jenny Cox 53355 MACN 306, 307
deLaat, Rick (PR) email Rick deLaat 53382 SSC 2506
Deore, Prashant (RM) email Prashant Deore 52252 SSC 3241
Durant, Andrew (KS) email Andrew Durant 54861 SSC 3113 A
Fallis, Sarah (KS) email Sarah Fallis 54861 SSC 3103-06
Fandino Torres, Olivia (PT) email Olivia Fandino Torres 53811 MACN 309
Ferguson, Jane (PT) email Jane Ferguson 53811 MACN 309
Fillion, Travis (DS) email Travis Fillion 53801 SSC 3113 B
Gabryelski, Pawel (WG) 56138 SSC 1204 A-B
Ghattas, Mirna (KP) email Mirna Ghattas no phone MACN 228
Hossain, Md. Motasser (AC) email Md. Motasser Hossain 52967 MACN 132,135,136
Hossain, Md. Nur (AC) email Md. Nur Hossain 52967 MACN 135
Huang, Wei (AC) 52967 MACN 135
Jany, Catherine (DS) email Catherine Jany no phone SSC 2102
Kimiec, Paulina (WT) email Paulina Kimiec no phone MACN 237,238
Liu, Zhonggang (Eric) (AC) email Zhonggang (Eric) Liu 52967 MACN 135
Manikandan, Venkatesh (AC) email Venkatesh Manikandan 52967 MACN 135
Martin, Laura (KS) email Laura Martin 54681 SSC 3103-05
Montoya Pareja, Juan (KS) email Juan Montoya Pareja 54861 SSC 3113A
Nasr, Predram (FIA) email Predram Nasr MACN 226,239
Pakravan, Farnood (DT) email Farnood Pakravan 53961 SSC 2504
Parg, Richard (JLeitch) 56262 SSC 2107
Petko, Dina (PR) email Dina Petko 53805 SSC 3114
Pourmand, Goli (AH) email Goli Pourmand no phone MACN 057,132
Pratasouskaya, Alena (MM) no phone MACN 346
Prieto Dapena, Francisco (JL) email Francisco Prieto Dapena 58543 MACN 133
Ross, Joshua (KP) email Joshua Ross no phone MACN 227,228,229
Said Amir, Raihana (DS) email Raihana Said Amir no phone SSC 3113 B
Sasidharanpillai, Swaroop (PT) email Swaroop Sasidharanpillai 54120 MACN 307
Sek, Slowomir (JL) 58543 MACN 133
Sidhureddy, Boopathi (AC) email Boopathi Sidhureddy 56524 MACN 136
Sing, Matthew (DS) email Matthew Sing no phone MACN 238,350
Starkman, Lindsey (KS) email Lindsey Starkman 54861 SSC 3113 A
Su, Zhang Fei (JL) email Zhang Fei Su 56710 SSC 2105
Tait, Katrina (WT) email Katrina Tait MACN 237,238
Tsui, Noel (BR) email Noel Tsui 58128 SSC 2503
Visontai, Laszlo (KP) email Laszlo Visontai no phone MACN 228,231,232,054A-B
Wehrle, Gabriele (KS) email Gabriele Wehrle 54861 SSC 3113 A
Wen, Jiali (PR/AC) email Jiali Wen 56524 MACN 136
Zeng, Libin (AC) 52967 MACN 135