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Department of Chemistry - Personnel

Chair: Paul Rowntree
Phone: ext. 53061/58127
Department Phone Number: 519-824-4120
Department FAX Number: 519-766-1499

Research and Teaching Personnel

List of people with contact information
Name Ext. Office Lab
Al-Abdul-Wahid, Sameer (PR) email Sameer Al-Abdul-Wahid 58914 MACN 121
Amorim, Nina (FIA) email Nina Amorim no phone SSC 2102
Arcis, Hugues (PT) email Hugues Arcis 54602/53811 SSC 2508 MACN 309
Bolton, Kim email Kim Bolton 52695 SSC 2446
Borrelli, Silvia (MM) email Silvia Borrelli no phone SSC 2104
Cox, Jenny (PT) email Jenny Cox 53355 MACN 306, 307
Cresswell, Emma (FIA) email Emma Cresswell no phone SSC 2102
deLaat, Rick (PR) email Rick deLaat 53382 SSC 2506
Deore, Prashant (RM) email Prashant Deore 52252 SSC 3241
Fadock, Kaila (PR) email Kaila Fadock 52266 SSC 1110
Fandino Torres, Olivia (PT) email Olivia Fandino Torres 53811 MACN 309
Henkie, Jake (PR) email Jake Henkie no phone SSC 2108
Hulls, Margaret (DS) email Margaret Hulls no phone SSC 2108
Magee, Megan (MS) email Megan Magee no phone SSC 3104, SSC 3109
McGregor, Christine (PT) email Christine McGregor 54120 MACN 307
Osuch, Christopher (RM) email Christopher Osuch 52252 SSC 3241
Quintao Lima, Diana (MS) email Diana Quintao Lima no phone SSC 3104, SSC 3109
Sasidharanpillai, Swaroop (PT) email Swaroop Sasidharanpillai 54120 MACN 307
Singh, Andrew (FIA) email Andrew Singh no phone SSC 2102
Su, Zhang Fei (JL) email Zhang Fei Su 56710 SSC 2105
Van Der Zalm, Josh (PR) email Josh Van Der Zalm no phone SSC 2108
Zevker, Seren (AS) email Seren Zevker no phone SSC 3104, SSC 3109