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Department of Chemistry - Personnel

Acting Chair: Daniel F. Thomas 
Phone: ext. 53061/58127
Department Phone Number: 519-824-4120
Department FAX Number: 519-766-1499

Staff Members

Hover over names for committee assignments (Some specialized assignments may not be shown)
List of people with contact information
Name Ext. Office Title
Copland, Elizabeth email Elizabeth Copland 56709 SSC 2516 Chair's Secretary
D'Aoust, Daniel email Daniel D'Aoust 52266 SSC 1110 Chemistry Stockroom Manager
Gielen, Case email Case Gielen 52653 MACN 030 Machine Shop Technician
Gill, Monaliza email Monaliza Gill 53094 SSC 2517 Financial Clerk
Ingram, Karen email Karen Ingram 52660 SSC 1110 Chemistry Stockroom Technician
Leitch, Jay email Jay Leitch 56262 SSC 2119 Nanoscience Technician
O'Dwyer, Lisa email Lisa O'Dwyer 53044 SSC 2513 Graduate Secretary
Proulx, Jennifer email Jennifer Proulx 53001 SSC 2106A Undergrad. Prep Room Tech.
Rawson, Kim email Kim Rawson 53848 SSC 2508 Secretary to the (GWC)2 Director
Reed, Robert email Robert Reed 53805 SSC 3114 Organic/Inorg. Lab Coordinator
Reid, Barbara email Barbara Reid 53905 SSC 2514 Administrative Assistant
Reitsma, Tamara email Tamara Reitsma 52562 SSC 2517 Financial Clerk
Schaefer, Dara email Dara Schaefer 53801 SSC 3113 B 1st year Lab Coordinator
Seifried, Steven email Steven Seifried 53802 MACN 062E Electronics Technologist
Shiell, Karen email Karen Shiell 52562 SCIE 2518 Financial Clerk
Stuttaford, Kate email Kate Stuttaford 54861 SSC 3113A Phys./Anal. Lab Coordinator
Szymanski, Grzegorz email Grzegorz Szymanski 53495 MACN 055, 120, 121, 125, 130 ETC Facility Manager
Wolting, Jean email Jean Wolting 53803 SSC 2512 Financial Clerk