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Biological and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Chemistry offers a variety of programs tailored to the needs of today's students. While maintaining a strong chemistry core, students can extend their studies into biological and pharmaceutical chemistry, applied pharmacology, physics, or toxicology. Co-op programs are also available for many of these programs for students wishing to build work experience as they study.

Major Program Strengths
This major takes advantage of our strength in the Biological Sciences whilst maintaining a strong chemistry-oriented understanding of the molecular basis for biological structure and function. 1 - A program at the interface of chemistry and biology, one of the most exciting and rapidly growing interdisciplinary areas in science. 2 - Designed for students who want the excitement of the biological sciences coupled with the depth of understanding, and the wide applicability of the physical sciences. 3 - Aimed at providing opportunities and skills for students interested in careers which cross traditional boundaries in the chemical and biological sciences, and offering the flexibility which comes with a solid understanding of chemistry, the central science. 4 - A high quality laboratory experience with a focus on organic synthesis and analytical tools of relevance to both chemistry and biology. 5 - Co-operative education opportunities to gain work experience and complement your academic training. 6 - The option to select hands-on training in pharmaceutical analysis, pharmacology and applied toxicology biopharmaceuticals through Seneca College. 7 - Learning Centres for 1st year courses and laboratories. Small classes after 1st year, with plenty of access to faculty and graduate TA's for assistance.
Biological and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Slideshow by Prof. William Tam.