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Prof. Wojciech Gabryelski

Prof. Wojciech Gabryelski
Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry, University of Guelph
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 519-824-4120 ext. 53850
Fax: 519-766-1499
Office: 1248 SSC
Lab: 1204A-B SSC
B.Sc. (1986) - Gdansk Institute of Technology (Gdansk, Poland) Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
M.Sc. (1986) - Gdansk Institute of Technology (Gdansk, Poland) Analytical Chemistry
Ph.D. (2000) - University of Alberta (Edmonton, Alberta) Mass Spectrometry
Appointed to faculty of the University of Guelph Department of Chemistry in August 2004.
Currently a member of the American Society of Mass Spectrometry