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Department of Chemistry - Personnel

Chair: Paul Rowntree
Phone: ext. 53061/58127
Department Phone Number: 519-824-4120
Department FAX Number: 519-766-1499

Graduate Students

List of people with contact information
Name Ext. Office Lab
Abbasi, Fatemeh (JL) email Fatemeh Abbasi no phone SSC 2105
Alcorn, Christopher (PT) email Christopher Alcorn 53811 MACN 309
Ali, Farukh (DS) email Farukh Ali no phone SSC 3102B/SSC 3103
Alofi, Saleh (KP) email Saleh Alofi no phone SSC 3108
Armstrong-Price, Delaney (RM) email Delaney Armstrong-Price 52252 SSC 3241
Boateng, Emmanuel (AC) email Emmanuel Boateng MACN 531
Boutin, Rebecca (WT) email Rebecca Boutin no phone SSC 2112
Chen, Shuai (Sharon) (AC) email Shuai (Sharon) Chen MACN 531
Chung, Andrew (RM) email Andrew Chung 52252 SSC 3241
Cirone, Joseph (AC) email Joseph Cirone MACN 531
Conrad, Jacy (PT) email Jacy Conrad 54120 MACN 307
Crha, Jennifer email Jennifer Crha
Crozier, Ryan (DT) email Ryan Crozier no phone SSC 2108
Cunha, Igor (MS) email Igor Cunha no phone SSC 3104, SSC 3109
Davidson, Jeffrey (FIA) email Jeffrey Davidson no phone SSC 2102
Dinsdale, Danielle (KP) email Danielle Dinsdale no phone SSC 3108
Ferguson, Jane (PT) email Jane Ferguson 53811 MACN 309
Findlay, Joseph (AS) email Joseph Findlay no phone SSC 3104, SSC 3109
Gauthier-Signore, Charles (FIA) email Charles Gauthier-Signore SSC 2102
Gidla, Nirupama (Niru) (FIA) email Nirupama (Niru) Gidla
Gray, Micaela (RM) email Micaela Gray 52252 SSC 3241
Harnden, Kayla (PR) email Kayla Harnden 58013 MACN 056, 129
Henry, Ciran email Ciran Henry
Jegatheeswaran, Sinthuja (FIA) email Sinthuja Jegatheeswaran
Manning, Trevor (RM) email Trevor Manning 52252 SSC 3241
Michalski, Michelle (AS) email Michelle Michalski no phone SSC 3104, SSC 3109
Mills, Michelle (KP) email Michelle Mills no phone SSC 3108
Milutinovich, Nicholas (MD) email Nicholas Milutinovich no phone SSC 2101
Moore, Michael (DT) email Michael Moore no phone SSC 2508
Nicol, Eric (AS) email Eric Nicol
Persaud, Avinaash (PT) email Avinaash Persaud 54120 MACN 307
Petko, Dina (WT) email Dina Petko no phone SSC 2112
Poloz, Ielizaveta (Elizabeth) (DS) email Ielizaveta (Elizabeth) Poloz no phone SSC 3102B/SSC 3103
Pourmand, Goli (AH) email Goli Pourmand no phone SSC 2103
Robinson, Jennifer (WG) email Jennifer Robinson 56138 SSC 1204 A-B
Ryu, Matthew (KP) email Matthew Ryu no phone SSC 3108
Saley, Michael (AH) email Michael Saley no phone SSC 2103
Shami, Nathan (PR) email Nathan Shami no phone SSC 2108
Siltamaki, Dylan (AC) email Dylan Siltamaki MACN 531
Sing, Matthew (AS) email Matthew Sing no phone SSC 3104, SSC 3109
Slater-Eddy, Gabriel (MS) email Gabriel Slater-Eddy no phone SSC 3104, SSC 3109
Smith, Aaron (DS) email Aaron Smith no phone SSC 3102B/SSC 3103
Smith, David (DT) email David Smith no phone SSC 2108
Stones, Maryanne (MS) email Maryanne Stones no phone SSC 3104, SSC 3109
Sylvester, Jason (PT) email Jason Sylvester
Tait, Katrina (WT) email Katrina Tait no phone SSC 2112
Thiruppathi, Antony Raj (AC) email Antony Raj Thiruppathi
Van Der Zalm, Joshua (AC) email Joshua Van Der Zalm MACN 531
Van Riesen, Abigail (RM) email Abigail Van Riesen 52252 SSC 3241
Wicks, Christopher (WT) email Christopher Wicks