Fundamentals of Electrochemistry


CHEM 720

Here you will find links to course notes that are being made available. This course is being taught by 10 different people. There will be a vast difference in the kinds of resources each is prepared to make available. We hope that you will understand. I will post these documents as they become available.


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Lecture 11: Surface Analysis: Microscopy and Spectroscopy

Lecture 11 PPT Document

Lecture 10.2 Industrial Applications: Fuel Cells and Batteries

Lecture 10.2 PPT Document

Lecture 10.2 PDF Document

Lecture 10.1 Industrial Applications: Hydrothermal Electrochemistry

Lecture 10.1 PPT Document

Lecture 9: Synthetic Organic Electrochemistry

Lecture 9 Word Document

Lecture 8: Industrial Applications and Sensors

  1. Lecture 8.1 PDF Document
  2. Lecture 8.2 PDF Document
  3. Lecture 8.3 PDF Document
  4. Lecture 8.4 PDF Document

Lecture 7: Impedance Methods

Lecture 7 PDF Document

Lecture 6: Chronometric Methods

Lecture 6 PDF Document

Lecture 5: Voltammetric Methods

Lecture 5 Power Point Presentation

Here is another picture that Prof. Baker would like you to have for the lecture. Please download and print it also.

Lecture 5 Extra Image

Ooops. Professor Baker just noticed that you need Wordperfect fonts to correctly view his presentation. If you do not have those fonts, download this executable file, run it, and extract the fonts into c:\windows\fonts.

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Lecture 4: Electrochemical Instrumentation

The complete version with Ian's handwritten notes is now available here.

Lecture 4 Power Point Presentation

Lecture 3: Electrode Kinetics and Mass Transport

Lecture 3 Power Point Presentation

Lecture 2: The Electrode-Solution Interface

Lecture 2 Power Point Presentation

Here are some relevant literature references related to today's lecture.

P. Delahay, Double Layer and Electrode Kinetics, Interscience, New York (1965).

D. Mohilner "The Electrical Double Layer" in Electroanalytical Chemistry, A Bar (Ed), Vol. 1, pp. 241-409, Marcel-Decker, new York (1966).

For more recent advances see
W. Schmickler, Chem. Rev. 96, 3177-3200 (1996).

Lecture 1: Thermodynamics and electrochemistry fundamentals

There are three documents here. The first is the powerpoint document that is used in Lecture 1. The other documents are pdf files (you can read and print these with Adobe Acrobat Reader). They are the size reduced images of the powerpoint document. I provide them in two forms depending upon your preferences. The first with three slides to a page, has smaller slides and fewer pages than the other. however, the two slides toa page document is more readable. Both provide some space for taking your notes. You are welcome to use all, any, or none of these, as fits your personal learning style.

Lecture 1 Power Point Presentation

Lecture 1 Three-Slides-to-a-page PDF document

Lecture 1 Two-Slides-to-a-Page PDF document

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