Fundamentals of Electrochemistry

Course Outline

Spring 2003

Date Topic Instructor
Thursday May 8 Thermodynamics, Cell Potentials, Nernst equation D. Thomas
Friday May 9 Electrode-Solution Interface J. Lipkowski
Monday May 12 Electrode Kinetics and Mass Transport J. Lipkowski
Tuesday May 13 Instrumentation G. Szymanski
Wednesday May 14 Voltametric Methods M. Baker
Thursday May 15 Chronometric Methods I. Burgess
Friday May 16 Impedance Methods J. Noel
Monday May 19 Victoria Day Holiday  
Tuesday May 20 Industrial Applications, Sensors N. Bunce
Wednesday May 21 Organic Electrochemistry A. Houmam
Thursday May 22: First Half Industrial Applications: Hydrothermal Electrochemistry P. Tremaine
Thursday May 22: Second Half Industrial Applications: Fuel Cells, Batteries D. Malevich
Friday May 23 Imaging/Surface Analytical Methods D. Thomas
Friday May 30 FINAL EXAM  

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