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Naming organic compounds is extremely important because you or someone in another part of the world should be able to write a structure from a name. In other words, the name must be unique to the structure of the compound so that anyone can identify the structure that the name refers to. The rules used to name organic compounds are given in the text and the notes and are best learned through practice. There are three quizzes that deal with naming of organic compounds:

(1) Quiz #1 covers the names and structures of alkanes.

(2) Quiz #2 covers mainly the names and structures of aromatic compounds.

(3) Quiz #3 deals with the names and structures of compounds with functional groups.

Four types of questions are used in the quizzes: typing a name for a given structure, choosing a structure corresponding to a given name, choosing a name from a given structure and building a named compound by dragging and dropping fragments of the structure. It is very important to be exact when naming compounds!

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