This work is dedicated to my wonderful wife Dr. Elena Ouvarova, who was the creator of most of those nice images.

I'm indebted to the following people:

Dr. Dan Thomas for the vast knowledge I gained from him and for the inspiration for this project.

Dr. Grzegorz Szymanski for help in creating animated images and HTML programming.

Dr. Uwe Oehler for scanning some of the images presented.

All grad students taking the Surface Analysis course for their friendship and cooperation.

The literature used in preparation:

A.Hart-Davis,D.Phil, Solids:an introduction, (1975),McGraw-Hill Book Company (UK).London.

Charles Kittel, Elementary Solid State Physics: A Short Course, (1962) John Wiley & Sons, Inc. New York.

Harald Ibach, Hans Luth, Solid-State Physics (1995) Springer-Verlag, New York Berlin, Heidelberg.

Charles S. Barrett, Structure of Metals, McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc., New York.

Robert A. Levi, Principles of Solid State Physics, (1968) Academic Press, New York.

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