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Paul Rowntree


Paul RowntreeResearch Overview


Our fundamental interest is the study, comprehension and control of surface and interfacial processes.  The systems that we are currently interested in include organic self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) bound to metal surfaces (e.g., Au, Ni, Pd, Rh, Hg, Ga), organometallic film precursors (e.g., Fe(CO)5, Ni(CO)4, Al(CH3)3 ), and  composite materials for selective catalysis and electrocatalysis.  By exploring the molecular dynamics of these species in well-controlled environments, we hope to be able to increase the selectivity of surface reactions and enhance the mechanical properties of atomically-thin films.

General area of interest:

• Electrochemistry & Electrocatalysis

• Material Science

• Interfaces



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