The discovery and development of new materials is essential to the advancement of technology. This link between materials and technology is so important that we use materials-related terms to organize human history (e.g., the Bronze Age, the Iron Age and the Information Age, which should arguably be called the Silicon Age).

Spintronic Age

Predicting the next Age is difficult, but possibilities include the “Spintronic Age”, harnessing the quantum spin of conducting electrons, or the “Quantum Computing Age”, using quantum logic functions to revolutionize our computational landscape. The next transformative technology will involve


(1) miniaturization to the molecular level, and

(2) new materials with unprecedented magnetic, conductive and optical properties.


We are pushing the envelope of materials design in these areas with a unique approach that employs thiazyl radicals as paramagnetic ligands. The resulting metal coordination complexes promise molecular and supramolecular architectures with an exciting range of enhanced and unusual materials properties.



Synthesis, Inorganic Chemistry, Molecular Materials, Magnetism, Conductivity, Thiazyls, Radical Ligands, Lanthanides, Coordination Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry, EPR Spectroscopy, Mechano-chemistry


Select Publications

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